Toolbars, can you ever have enough? [Pic]

This is the actual limit of toolbars for IE. 17 (at least with my VM, as of a few years ago).  It ran like absolute crap, but how much of a surprise is that?

  • Joan Marie Linn Metcalf

    I am not the tech savvy person of the household, but…Why would you want more than one toolbar?

    • Anonymous


    • Matt Martinez

      My question is: Why would you want ANY toolbars? Unless you stream a lot of music while webcrawling and use something like a Pandora bar (or the likes), pretty much every toolbar serves one purpose: To slow your browser to the speed of dialup.

      • Jessie Forrester

        I don’t think anyone actually wants them… I just think a lot of less-than-technical people simply click through installations, most of which include something like the Ask Toolbar these days, and have no idea how to uninstall them.

  • Jason

    My personal record stands at seeing 32 different tool bars on an end users IE

    • maximillianx

      It must have something to do with the amount of screen real-estate in addition to system memory…I was able to install more, but they wouldn’t show up.

  • Batman

    One of my neighbors called me telling me she can’t click anything on facebook.
    I looked and the Browser was full of those toolbars. great…

  • Smitty

    I see two epic mistakes in that window header. AOL and IE. A match made in fail.

    • Damian A

      lol I thought the same thing, chuckled when I saw AOL and IE together.. 

  • robotkoer

    Yahoo toolbar is probably the most useful there, because it has tabs. Things I had never heard of when I used IE6 (4-6 years ago) :D