How to solve printer problems quickly

After working in IT for the last 15 years I’ve come to the realization that users WANT to fault the technology when they have an issue, specifically printers. When someone calls with a printer problem I have two automatic responses.

  1. Is there paper in it?
  2. Are there any lights on it, specifically the one next to the word “toner?”

This fixes almost all the “printer not working” calls and it makes people really angry. I’ve even gotten back “f**k you” and hung up on.

[Picture Source: ryaninc (CC)]

  • MissPoppet

    Coming from an Admin assistant – this is all too common. I ended up telling people I admined for that if there was anything wrong with the printer to come see me and I would deal with it and make any necessary phone calls to the tech (under the guise of one phone call to the tech rather than everyone trying to call him about the same error). 9 times out of 10 I either replaced the paper, found the paper jam or just replaced the toner. Needless to say the tech was seen in our offices less often

  • Jennyfer Moreno Shek

    LOL back when I used to be an in-house I used to shadow the IT guy that used to come to the office. Oh gosh LOL HE USED TO GET IRRITATED (especially because he didn’t like me asking what was the name of the manual he was getting all his answers from ROFL) my purpose in shadowing him though, it wasn’t to be annoying but to learn possible “quick fixes” that we the staff could do without having to bother them (and pay them big bucks just to get the jammed paper off.) 

    The end result: One angry geek (geek squad) that weren’t getting as paid as he used to, but a new friend in my current book. One happy office that has still has (over 10 years after I left) a small flowery print book next to their new printer called “Things to look for if I’m not working” there’s an arrow that still points to the new printer lol. and One Geek in training (me) loving calls from clients praising to date all the changes I’ve implemented in their business… even sometimes I’m asked to come for a few hours (since they cannot longer afford what I charge as a VA) to either train someone, to format a doc. is funny how if you take the extra minute or two to figure things out it can go long ways….

  • David VanVranken

    I worked on a phone support call for a half an hour getting his printer drivers installed, only to find he still couldn’t see the printer on the network. I asked if it was plugged in to the network and he said “Yes, and I see other people are using it”

    They were using it as a FAX machine. No data cable was plugged in.