Developers vs. Users

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  • Jennyfer Moreno Shek

    ROFL I have no comments because I feel is nothing other than the truth!

  • Mario-m

    As a developer I declare this is the truth, I have noticed this is how people see me, sometimes they throw me these kind of looks like if I was an E.T and I look at them like if they are primatives. Like I use to say there is two type of species on Earth, the ones that understand binary language and the ones that dont! :p

    • Dustin Gray

      No no no, it is there are 10 types of people my friend. :)

      • Nitpicking

        Well, he said “two” which is 2 in decimal or 10 in binary, so really, he’s still right.

    • jusque

      Do you mean primates or primitive ?

  • Anonymous

    As a usability professional, I think you’re being generous with how developers see users.  I sometimes think they don’t think of them at all sometimes.

  • Roxie

    Bah, some of us developers realize that our 20k line program is not as sophisticated as the 100 trillion or so neurons on top of the neck of the person standing in front of us. Assuredly they know useful things that we dont.