Panic Attack

Back away slowly. Not sure how he even got to this point.

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  • Tim Saunders

    I’ve dealt with people that had Malware so re-formatted the drive… they still don’t listen when I tell them they don’t need to *sigh*

  • Aquila

    I’ve had people delete C:Windows because they “needed the space”….. Why are these people even allowed near a computer?

  • Silverkarn

    Any free Data Recovery software would work to get their information off the drive.  I just had a customer do a format and reinstall onto their one and only partition, the C: drive.  They did this because the computer would boot to black screen saying it cannot find System32 and recovery would not work.

    A case of “Knowing enough to screw things up, but not enough to fix them”A random free data recovery software recovered all 500 photos, 20 family videos, and various documents that were on the drive.