Brown Friday: Craigslist deal of the week!

Never heard of Brown Friday? It’s the day of the week where you can snag an awesome computer for a great price.

February 3, 2012 Brown Friday Deal: Garbage Pail Acer Aspire $200

I really do not want to want to sell my laptop but I’m in desperate need of qick cash. I just rebooted it so there is nothing on it, no virsus but it will need an anti virus the only two problems with it is a have a few keys missing and the battery is shot but has the power cord. You may take off the garbage pail kids stickers plus the keys can be replaced I just never got around to it I don’t know much about computers so if you want to buy it and sell parts go for it. has a built in wedcam and so many other fetures I don’t know where to begin…but you can eaisly look up online it’s an acer aspire 4GB memory

You can have your very own notebook computer with crappy stickers, missing keys, and dead battery for $200. It’s not the worst deal on craigslist but definitely the laziest, he could have taken the stickers off. Not even a little effort to make it look decent, no?

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  • Damian A

    I wouldn’t buy it in that condition unless I had the same model or one that takes the same parts and several of them were in need of replacement.. Just the hard disk, optical drive, and RAM aren’t worth that (even new) but with the LCD it is, and any keys your laptop is missing (hopefully not the same ones).

  • Your Momma


    Acer netbooks arent worth $200 brand spankin’ new, in all honesty. Acer netbooks are ‘garbage’ to begin with.