Group Think Different

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  • Aquila

    Looks like an average lecture in Uni here. Only then somewhere in the back I’d be sitting with my Asus…

  • Kris Brandt

    At least we know their school’s IT department has it pretty easy.  “Its a MacBook?  Sorry, we can’t diagnose that.”

    • Adam Wade Ackerman

      there are two acers in the pic, those two students are smartest ones there.

      • Email

         Or they’re the poorest in the group…

        • Aquila

          Or they prefer to have a multifunctional system with a proper money value. Or did you fail to notice that a 1800 euro macbook is equal to an 800 euro Windows laptop?

          When was the last time you tried to seriously game on a macbook?

          • Sophie Bee

            its more money for a reason and why would you want to play games on a macbook? get a real life, not a virtual one. Macbook are for doing brilliant works of art and getting down to work, not for wasting your life away on silly games.

          • Grue

            Feel free to tell me more about your art degree after you fetch my Quarter Pounder, and yes, I’d like fries with that.

          • Tommi Henriksen

            sorry, but you’re wrong. Macbooks are for making Apple money with shoddy goods.

  • lol

    98% ghey

  • guest

    Before the untimly departure of Mr. Steve Jobs, this picture gave him a stiffie.

  • Scott Charboneau

    Well, it’s pretty easy to weed out all the hipsters in this pic.