Does this happen to any of you?

There seems to be a common thinking among people that if it has a cord on it, IT must know how to fix it.

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  • Naomi

    Not to me personally, but I’ve seen it happen to people I work with…

  • Crystal Lilly

    I think sometimes this is caused by a different misconception.  Many people feel that if you are smart enough to fix a computer then something as simple as a vacuum cleaner should be a piece of cake.  It’s still an invalid assumption, but it’s at least both giving IT people credit, AND explains the above situation in that yes, noticing how two parts fit together does come with the territory either way.  But it’s completely reasonable in reality for someone that is an IT whiz to have no clue how to even get tray off the bottom of the toaster so the crumbs don’t build up.  Wait, you didn’t even KNOW about that one eh?  See what I mean?

  • Manuel Antonio Mercado Soler

    Heck, being able to fix almost anything doesn’t mean we must or even should. (I say almost, for history keeps proving that I am VCR / DVD impaired).

  • Aquila

    Every. Single. Day. -.-’

  • Kris Brandt

    This actually makes sense.  Being in IT generally requires you to start a process of deductive reasoning to solve a problem.  Most people haven’t developed this ability and so often go to IT people who, generally, are quite capable of figuring out where an issue is. As a result, I tell people what the problem is and go away.