Augmented Hyper-Reality

This vid is two parts awesome and one part scary…ok, maybe 10 parts scary.

We are somewhat familiar with augmented reality – i.e. via apps like Layar and Wikitude (among many, many others) for Android/iPhone, right?

Here’s a vid taking that concept to the next level…and that is a serious understatement. Enjoy the future.

  • Mike Shkor

    Two of my favorite books of the past couple years were the Daemon & Freedom ™ set.  In the 2nd novel, large amounts of people have joined a Darknet, and they each have a pair of glasses that reads augmented reality signals.  The glasses themselves are also an AR transmitter, displaying your name, occupation, and other relevant details.  Walking down the street, the people with the glasses are able to identify each other using the AR data, and at a glance know who is “in the know” about the Darknet.  People without the glasses, they’re none the wiser of the extra dimension of reality available to the Darknet members.

    I thought it was an awesome concept, and can’t wait until we start to see it in the real world… especially since I usually forget peoples names.

  • Dave G

    Scariest part of this? By the time this is our future, we won’t be making any money by allowing ourselves to be inundated with ads… it’ll be normal… everything will be so inflated that the very costs of living: rent, gas, water, hydro… the ads will all be part of owning the home to offset those costs. Offset. You’ll still get bills every month.