Classic: Grab some floppies…

I had no idea this was on until today…thanks to Dr. Martner (my instructor in my PowerShell class)…OH! By the way, you’ll need at least a 33.6k modem connection – – maybe Compuserve too?

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  • William Dean

    Lmao i just tried dragging the prompt outta the way :o

    • Luke Wale

      you are still on a computer that looks like this?! haha

  • Marko

    LOL, great stuff! :)

  • Greg Lilko

    Cute… but if you do computer jokes, you need to get the tech right… insufficient disk space, not memory. In the future maybe the same thing but not yet…

  • Doc Shipman

    You can tell this is old, apparently the whole internet is a meagre 24PB… Lol