Constructive destruction?

Normally people break things just because they’re not so bright but here is some ingenuity.

via: [RakionHQ]

  • Adam Wade Ackerman

    nothing wrong with that, all fins still intact, cooling retained, heck maybe even improved.  well played sir, well played.

    • 21q

       Have to agree with you there. Mobo manufacturer fail is anything.

    • TF

       Yeah wonder what brand that mobo is….what manufacturer puts a large heatsink behind the pci slot….fail design

      • Aliasthejester_81

        Could be a custom heat-sink that the user has installed.
        All the more reason to bend it then 😉

      • N1ght Crawler

        Custom heat-sink from Zahlman on a n-Force 4 mobo. Been there done that…

        • 3.14

           Yep, I owned that mobo myself once. Such a PITA to get a proper replacement for that scorching south bridge…

  • Manuel Antonio Mercado Soler

    …and then burn the card.