Coincidence? I think not.

I got the weekly report of my son’s internet activity, funny how is considered pornography. Drawing parallels between Apple’s prices and getting F’d in the A.

  • Jon Clegg

    This kid spent about half an hour online over a WEEK? Seriously?

    • Scott Brosnan

      He’s only with me every other weekend and he’s more into his Xbox.

  • payme

    Just curious, what soft are you using for that?

    • Scott Brosnan

      This report is from Qustodio ( and I also use OpenDNS on our network.

      • payme

        Thanks for the reply!

  • Scott Charboneau

    Apple does make some sexy lookin’ products, though.

  • ducky

    Only 6 minutes on youtube? what’s wrong with your offspring??? ^_^

  • jantoresandvik

    You get reports of your sons internet activity?
    Is he on probation or something?