Brown Friday: Special Edition

Oh yes it’s Brown Friday and today’s is a service special. My buddy “Bo” here will fix up your PC, Mac, even your Android phone. You’ll have to bring it to him, apparently at his grandmother’s house.



  • Steven Staniszewski

    And, thus, a future Geek Squad Supervisor was born.

  • Playtrombone64

    Oh my GAWD… this guy lives only 40 miles from me!  I’ll have to call just for giggles!

    • Scott Charboneau

      Me too! I live in South County St. Louis. Whoa. I also play the trombone. This is creepy.

  • Rob Dunn

    “I’ll do it all right here, at my grandma’s house.  Take your shoes off before you come in.”

  • Vr22s

    Is it bad that I also read it in a hillbilly like accent?

    • jantoresandvik

      No, that is just a natural thing when you see a guy in a tanktop.

  • Yoel Leon

    one more thing… if can’t seem to figure out your problem, no worries I am an expert using google…