Contest Winner!

The made-up IT phrase with the most votes was Spontaneous Proximal Repair. It had 58% of all the votes!

Thank you Kevin Rank!

image via: [gifbin]


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  1. We thought it was happening when a friend would ask another friend of mine who’s also a techie (but knows more about phones than I do) to check her phone cause it would turn off whenever she hit reply to a message but when he tried it it worked. Happened twice then finally she was able to reproduce the problem in front of him. It turns out she just needs to clear the inbox once in a while. Probably cheap phone with not enough memory. I know it’s not like, flash memory, it’s RAM but still I would think a few extra MB wouldn’t kill them. Even though they can’t really multitask and embedded systems don’t use a lot of resources, just a tiny bit more to prevent it from lagging when it’s full of messages and getting out of memory in mobile web and such would be nice. 

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