Wayback Wednesday: One of the world’s only remaining 1st gen computers.

Upon doing some investigation, this appears to be the Australian CSIRAC computer, made in 1949.  This thing consumed 30 kilowatts of power (in comparison, your home computer consumes about 65 to 250 watts).

Note that CSIRAC is not functional at this time, as it would require repairs that would detract from it’s its authenticity.

via: [Imgur]

  • http://twitter.com/attree Thomas Attree

    Detract from authenticity? What? Colossus got rebuilt from scarce plans and old BT kit. Surely it would be better to have a working version as close to authentic than the whole macine occupying a room.

  • Guest

    “it’s authenticity” FAIL

    • http://thefreewarejunkie.com Rob Dunn

       I hate that possessive apostrophe stuff.  It gets me every time.  Free cake to you, Guest.

      • Guest


  • S Neill

    All I keep thinking is 
    “I’m the professor! I can wire anything to anything!”

    Also, I want to touch it.