Brown Friday: Deal of the week!

This week’s Brown Friday Deal is brought to you via a user submission. Someone knows a deal when they see it!

Not only is this guy way off on the price but is asking an extra $100 to install Windows XP on it! $100 extra to install what is sure to be the OEM OS.



4 Responses to Brown Friday: Deal of the week!

  1. Craigslist is useless anymore.  I could sell a decent laptop for $100 and people will ask for half that hoping I’m desperate for cash.

    • I agree, I always look around for a good deal on an old machine but people are crazy. Computers are like cars, especially laptops. They wear out from being moved around and aren’t worth much after a few years of use. Especially used and directly from another person. Not refurbished or anything. 

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