Brown Friday: Deal of the week

This is a really nice laptop. It’s broken but it’s really nice. I’m too lazy to make it work but it’s really nice.


  • Adam Wade Ackerman

    Come, you buy. You want laptop? i have laptop for you.  it is missing key, but it is alright, you buy.  The power button dose not work, but the laptop is good, you buy now.  why you not already put money in my hand?  come, you buy.

  • Scott Charboneau

    I hope it’s still available! I’m snatching this baby up!

  • Hovertac

    I have a CQ60. It shouldn’t be sold for $150 even if it’s brand new.

  • Baxter Morley

    My sister used to have this one! The person who decided where the vents should be placed was a real idiot (right under the monitor), it got so hot that the plastic on the lower half of the screen would get hot which would cause it to melt which made the bottom of the bezel snap open! This happened twice, the first time it happened one of the screws on the bottom of the screen flew out!