It cheered me right up today when I opened up an email and saw this

Very nice! -Scott

  • Adam Wade Ackerman

    more like fire hazard.

  • Scott Cannon

    @Adam Cardboard (like any other paper product) burns at 451 degrees f. Even a failing processor will not get hotter than 200. Now if the box is wax coated…..that is another story ;-)

    • Ian

      A Flamable product near electrical wiring is a fire hazard lol

      • Dtron4718

         but cardboard is anti-static so it should be fine 

    • Adam Wade Ackerman

       long enough exposure to heat can cause a failure in almost any product, fail leads to smolder, smolder leads to flame, flame leads to fire…… hazard.

  • Ian

    I think this is a horrible idea.  Cardboard is an insulator, and although this is a cheap solution to a computer case, you will have higher internal temps.  I wonder how much higher though…

  • Milo Velimirović

    Needs cable management. I suggest toilet paper tubes.