Well, that’s a dirty PC…

…of course, everyone will invariably respond with “You haven’t seen anything yet,” or “What – you’ve never worked in a warehouse that makes x,” or “stop hacking into my webcam, you big creep!” – er, so I say unto you:  Videos or pics, please!

I gotta say though – nothing makes a computer look spiffier than a good air compressor.

via: [LiveLeak]

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1829317910 Jeff Patterson

    Once had a client that brought in a case which both the outside and inside where covered in layers of dried cat urine.

    • http://thefreewarejunkie.com Rob Dunn

      I couldn’t imagine what that smelled like when it spun up…

  • Goober

    Been there, done that, many times. Worst one was just after a remodel of an office that involved putting some new hole through an exterior wall made of brick. There was so much brick dust inside the computer it look like it had been spray painted red.

    I notice he is careful with the fans, though, as he should be. It’s not hard with a compressor to spin the fans fast enough to toast the bearings.

  • liquidflorian

    In Soviet Russia, dirty computer blows out YOU!  

  • Kris Brandt

    How can I set up an air compressor like that in my house?…

  • http://aqfl.net Ant

    I thought mine were bad!