What else would you need the internet for?

Sure, sure, iPods and DVDs player are internet capable but…

via: [Yahoo Answers]

  • d610

    Lol, maybe they only have smart phone(s) in the house and no desktop computer or laptop. I know people like that.

    • http://aqfl.net Ant

      Or tablets.

  • http://www.facebook.com/anokpeas Jonah Geib

    they could be talking about one of those TVs that have Wifi for netflix or pandora

  • guest

    NO, this person really doesn’t need to have a computer.

  • http://twitter.com/Ncast32 Grant Mikaelian

    Erm, at first I “loled” but then realized he didn’t say “use” the internet, he said “set up”, which i think speaks for itself when you think about it. Weird question, obvious answer (at least to us), but not out of place or worth criticizing :P Just saying haha 

  • the bullet dodging negro man

    unfortunatly this is not funny
    I only have a tablet and a smartphone and yes, i can set up internet.

    ok, maybe because said user is probably stupid and only has a computer, this could perhaps maybe be a little funny