Network Guru [pic]

This guy is good.

via: [Fail Blog M-F]

  • The Lone Wulf

    I’m sorry, but he’s doing it right! That mask is most definitely below the net, making it a subnet mask!!

    • Pl

      Are you fkn dumb?

      • Isaac

        no hes not, but you definately are a total jackass….

      • The Lone Wulf

        Actually, no, I’m not. Here, let me explain it to you. There is a mask. Above that mask is a net. Because that mask is clearly below the net, it becomes subnet, meaning beneath the net, much as subterranean means under ground, submarine means underwater, and substandard means below the standard. Therefore, you can easily say that it’s a subnet mask. A well done play on words using props to imply the name of a network sub-division device.

        • POOPDOOP!

          Get EM!