My Computers Not Working [pic]

Hey, you just called me and this is crazy, your computer’s not working so reboot it maybe?

Incidentally, it worked after she rebooted. Huh, weird.


  • Athena Hollow

    That’s only 2 weeks. I’ve had my computer running for several months before, without it having diminishing returns. I am thinking their problem was more than just that. Incidentally, I’m gonna go with the fact that it’s a damn HP was the root of the problem :)

    • Orange Dragon

      I’m with you on this one. 2 weeks is nothing. I run security units for years at a time with no issues.

    • Peter Bjorvand

      HP is always the root of the problem…

    • Scott Brosnan

      I agree two weeks is not very long, we’ve seen much longer here but as I said the reboot fixed her up. However, I don’t think it being an HP has anything to do with this. We are an HP house and have very little issues other than the Western Digital drives they use.

      • Athena Hollow

        See, I’ve seen mostly the opposite. A handful of people I know who use HP don’t have issues. Most of the people I know come to me within 6 months to fix something hardware related lol

  • milky_cereal

    Some apps leak memory like a sieve, so all the more critical to reboot often. I’ve experienced this with remote workers that sleep their computers, and then wonder why XP is running so slow, or the best, that the VPN is no longer connected.

    Then they lie and say I just rebooted, but after you insist they reboot, magically it works again.