[Work Area Horror] First day of the job: WTF?

Here’s one example of an awful IT work-area…do you have any?  Post them on Imgur and link them in the comments – we’ll select some of the best and re-post them here!

via: [Reddit\TechSupportGore]

  • The Magic Smoke

    It reminds me of the trouble I had getting stuff thrown out. Fifteen year old parallel port zip drive? Might need that. Old 15″ CRT — it might still be good! Five gigabyte hard drive? It’s over there.

    Just convincing them that it would cost them MORE to have me test and sort that pile of iffy-looking Cat 5 then to get new Cat 5e at about a buck a cable was a pain. If in doubt, throw it out! Business logic is a little different and time does cost money, especially when you’re understaffed.

    Why send a tech up every week for a month on an old LaserJet that’s having terminal paper jams and you need to keep that one special cartridge in stock for when you can just replace it with a new unit that you’ve standardized on?

    And don’t get me started on the drawer full of 30+ year old tapes for the VAX no one would let me throw out.

  • canid

    tell the truth; that’s in the bowels of 1 Nationwide plaza, isn’t it?