One part awesome, one part “Oh crap”: DARPA funded power-strip can hack your network

Well, keep on the lookout for this gizmo…called the “PowerPwn” – fitting, right?

From ZDNet:

The Power Pwn may look like an ordinary power strip, maybe with an included surge protector, but it’s far from it. Network administrators and IT staff in general need to be wary of this one: it can do much more than meets the eye.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)’s Cyber Fast Track program helped funded the development of the Power Pwn. Pwnie Express, which developed the $1,295 gizmo, says it’s “a fully-integrated enterprise-class penetration testing platform.” That’s great, but the company also notes its “ingenious form-factor” (again, look at the above picture) and “highly-integrated/modular hardware design,” which to me translates to: it’s the perfect tool for hacking a corporate network.

The best feature?  It really does also work as a power strip!

via: [ZDNet]

  • scarro

    i want 3….

    • Rob Dunn

      …then to reverse-engineer…

  • Aleckto

    Ok…a power board with some techno babble thrown in. Some people will believe anything

    • Kyle Soderlund

      Actually systems like these have been around for pentesting for years. When you power them it boots a customized version of your favorite pentesting distro (most use backtrack) and then proceed to do automated tests and send results back to the tester’s box or servers

  • John Chapman

    How would that even begin to work? I see RJ45 jacks, do people surge protect those?