iSue 2: Apple’s lawyers gunning for Polish grocery chain

Apple, who seems to be suing everyone they can, has focused on a grocery store in Poland, claiming copyright and/or trademark infringement.  I kind of understand why, kinda – the supermarket chain owns the domain (“ Internet SA” – get it?, while the logo in question is part of the site (a delivery service grocery chain?).

I’m thinking that even if people are encouraged to “Coupon Different,” they’d still figure out that maybe, just maybe, this store isn’t related to the consumer electronics giant (no Polish jokes please, my grandma will come back from the grave to kick you in the kneecaps!).

It’s getting to be a bit of a stretch when you sue a grocery chain for having a logo that resembles a bit of produce that you might sell at said grocery chain.

C’mon Apple.  Think Different.

For kicks and grins, head over to the Apple litigation Wikipedia page – THEY HAVE A LITIGATION WIKIPEDIA PAGE.  WITH 225 REFERENCES.

Check out the full story on Reuters: Link


2 Responses to iSue 2: Apple’s lawyers gunning for Polish grocery chain

  1. No! Apple needs to have the market cornered on… Apples?

    Hrm… Let’s think about this: grocery service actually sells them. Apple does not.

    Beyond this; it is my understanding that trade-mark rights exist only within the scope of the use for which they are registered, and this is supposed to be very specific. E.g. an ‘Aces Inc.’ branding which is used to sell reproduction WWII fighter planes can be considered already to be separate from and ‘Aces Inc.’ branding which manufactures poker supplies, and to exist in a non-competing market.
    I would like to see Apple recognized as a genericized branding of frivolous trademark suits.

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