Did this guy NOT have a screwdriver?

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  1. It Might be a computer of mine, and actually the backpanels aren’t compatible, so I had to be a bit engineering. It holds quite well, I placed my foot on it and almost sprained my ankle just to check how much pressure it can take. Anyway the customer got a real bargain, but if he ever tries to change a card in that one, he’ll have to understand some logic to get it back together. Bottom line, don’t open unless you’re a technician yourself. You can see nothing is holding the card but the card itself, but in a special way. No I’m not claiming m-ATX compatibility. It’s more like my-ATX. The reason is clearly visible, there is one backpanel that didn’t fit, so after forcing it, heating, melting remodelling it and sanding it I decided functionality above design.
    Funny? Well the guy who sold me the m-ATX tower provided me with the wrong backpanel. It’s an hour commuting so I guess I was too lazy to go and fetch it. BTW I screwed and unscrewed many pc’s including this one without a screwdriver, so You got that one right, Batman. 😉 another guy would’ve bought a new tower. I don’t like solutions that aren’t ecologic. But the funniest one isn’t here. I had a guy wanting a second hand pc and I didn’t have a case at that time. So I took the box of another computer and cut the cardboard a bit so everything would fit. I took a big tape and started doing it untill it looked like something spiderman coughed up. It worked. It was cool and the amd k6 overclocked just fine. Another time I reinstalled the pc i just bought but it didn’t have any os, but the sticker, didn’t have windows nt4 handy so I set the clocks to pentium 133 instead of 100 and did a full recover with a disk doctoring tool, after this cleaned the software, the registry and cleaned out the account so to have no password anymore. Finished after 13 hours unattended except for the password. Was funny. Also I once had a 486dx-2 which started to run slowly. Rigged the motherboard, installed the maximum amount of ram 16meg and installed a pentium register instead in the 486. Anyway I find this very funny. I hope the guy doesn’t want to install any expansion cards. He might have a hard time figuring the exact angle to bend the slot and the cardholder.

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