This should be enabled. Or disabled. I think.

via: [gordonwatts (CC)]


  • Redgrave Anthony

    My mind just entered in an endless loophole.

  • D’oh!

    “Hardware Prefetcher Disable Feature” – logic dictates that enabling it should disable hardware prefetching. As for “(…) enabled in order to enable or disable (…)”, that’s probably typed up by someone either in a rush or not comprehending what this option is supposed to do. Typos in BIOS setup menus aren’t all that rare. Options that act in the exact opposite way (or not at all) of what their descriptions imply also occur.

  • Oscar Olim

    Don’t see the fail there. You need to enable that option so that you can edit another option elsewhere in the bios.

  • Sandis

    you have to enable to enable or disable the disable feature.. the fuq? :D

  • yukyuk

    Must be an ASUS BIOS

  • Philip Mondy

    I love how people are trying to act smart and pretend that the irony does not exist there. Nobody is impressed.

  • Daniel Dogeanu

    Enable to disable the enabled disabler. Simple!