You say your display is grainy? I have a theory…

via: [Imgur]

  • Justin Everett

    I honestly don’t see what the problems is here…

    • nvic

      Neither do I. I’ve built PCs like this.

      There’s a lot of things a PC can be put in…wood is perfectly acceptable.

      • Pan Phage

        This could just be a play on words… Wood grain?

    • Alan Williams

      Maybe, maybe knot!

  • Adam Wade Ackerman

    non conductive….but seriously, a case is like 30 bucks, if you drop all this money of parts, i think you can manage a case…

    • Richard Brunner

      Ahhh but isn’t it more creative to build one. Why mod some factory piece when the whole case can be a mod.

  • Paco

    This is how home computers used to be. You bought the kit and assembled it yourself.

    • MindParadox Sarituixe

      since when? Commodore 64, TRS 80, Tandy CoCo, IBM PS1 and 2, these were
      all prebuilt. in fact, I don’t recall being able to buy a motherboard
      separately until the mid 90’s, at the earliest, unless you were buying
      specific replacement parts, and even then you had to have a corporate ID
      and account with the manufacturer.

  • Chris Enright

    Try putting more distance between the subwoofer and everything else

  • Iris

    Its wordplay…

  • Digi

    I see a GoPro box!