Packets are afraid of the dark

via: [Yahoo Answers]

  • Chris Holland

    I work for an ISP. This can actually be a real issue. The nodes that feed each neighborhood might be maxing out on capacity, at which point the internet will start dragging/dropping for everyone in the affected area. This would happen when everyone gets home from work/school and gets online at the same time, worse on weekends. We had that issue until we “split the nodes”, splitting the neighborhoods and feeding them with additional nodes.

    • Dalton McVey

      Thank you! I find it a little surprising Scott didn’t comment on this… it’s not that absurd, it can happen – just because they don’t know why doesn’t mean it’s not possible. It could also be as simple as them having WiFi open, and at night a neighbor hops on, sucking all their bandwidth for streaming/torrents/etc.

    • Jo Momma

      um. this can happen for real, just shows how smart the blog owners here are…

  • Disqus

    People leaving their computers torrenting overnight.

  • sackes

    Well of course it’s slower at night! The poor Internet Packets need to sleep after a hard day and only the night shift is working! DOH!

  • Lee Covell Rusling

    someone stealing net between the hours of 5pm and 1am? not that hard to do to be honest.

  • Kristopher Lohmuller

    Why all the negative comments about how this really does happen? Its funny because this guy who spends so much time watching YouTube videos seemingly throughout the day DOESN’T know it slows down because more people are using it at night. He’s almost implying in his question that it being dark is what he thinks is the problem.