Don’t use all my Wi-Fi!

So I went to a family gathering today and had myself a standard time chatting and such. While I was talking to one of my cousins (lets call her Kate), I asked if I could see her iPhone so i could check if iMessage was down for just me or if it was an issue on Apple’s side.

Her response: “You can’t see it . I dont want you to use all my Wi-Fi.”

“Kate, do you mean cellular data? Wi-Fi is almost always unlimited…”

“No. I mean the Wi-Fi. seriously, you can be so dumb sometimes.” and she walks off…

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  1. So? Where I live, the only ISP I can get has a 100Gb per month data limit with a $1.50 per 1Gb overage charge. If that person was near their limit at the end of the month, the request wouldn’t be unresonable.

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