Seems Legit?

via: [Reddit\iiiiiiitttttt]

  • Adam Wade Ackerman

    Like i said on reddit, I have made these for continues problem repairs in the past, work great.

  • Robert Neve

    Why wouldn’t it be? If it was malware the person would have put it in the startup folder.

  • MurphysLaw

    Best name for a batch file ever.

    The real question should be: WTF are all these OCXs and DLLs doing in a Start menu??

  • nvic

    Not surprised to see this…I’ve actually done similar before, although my scripts are named more descriptively. If the person has the same problem often and the repair is scriptable, let them fix it themselves.

    That pc though looks like its in sad shape…Ignoring the dlls in the start menu, there’s shortcut folders for 2 adware programs, AOL, and what appears to be obsolete trial ware that was never uninstalled.

  • Eirik

    hilarious how the quick launch contains free-cell, minesweeper and disk defragmenter…

    • Nope

      Those are recently run programs, not quick launch.

  • Christ van Silfhout

    but question is: Did it solve your problems?