She wanted dual monitors

via: [Reddit\techsupportgore]

  • Mike

    Hmm.. don’t know about you, but doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

    • z

      not to mention the monitor’s screen is smaller than the laptop’s…

  • Adam Heathcote

    I think she is unaware of reconfiguring power management to stop it from sleeping when closed, also doesnt have another KB/Mouse.

    • canid

      I’ve used a few notebooks that would eat themselves at any load with the lid closed. I won’t pretend to know what the photo’s subject was doing.

      • James Salsbury

        Also, if she closes the lid how does she type? :3

  • Daniel Paul Carbone

    to be fair that looks like one of the Inspiron 6000 series or its ilk, which have notoriously awful hinges. I’d reckon she’s doing that because the built-in display won’t stay upright on its own anymore.