Workin’ IT Style

It was bound to happen:  If the one-hit wonder known as Psy can get over a billion hits on YouTube with his Gangnam Style video, then it was only a matter of time when there will be (what feels like) a billion Gangnam Style parodies.

So, with that in mind (and if your not completely tired of them yet), I present to you “IT Style,” by F5 Networks – which is actually pretty clever and well-done.  I laughed out loud at a few parts, namely the ‘Darth-Vader-in-the-elevator’ bit… :)

I do love it when a stuffy topic like IT can get humorous…there’s such a fine line between being genuinely funny and borderline pathetic.

F5 Networks YouTube Channel]

4 Responses to Workin’ IT Style

    • These are all F5 Networks employees. The lyrics are about a company whose site is growing so fast their investors are getting nervous, but because of F5’s BIG-IP they have performance, scalability and “security with the fastest full proxy”. This was built by and for data center geeks and they all get it. The “speakers in our creatures” just represents a new product idea, though they are real products you can find online.

  1. I’m going to have to, respectfully, take issue with the “one hit wonder” sentiment. Psy has been a pop icon in asia for ages. It’s not his fault our media excludes performers outside western culture.

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