Be careful or you might catch SSID [somewhat NSFW ASCII pic]

First off, I apologize for the NSFW nature of the text, and as such, I couldn’t determine if it was really NSFW by concept or face value…so for anyone we offend: We’re a humor site.

I know the SSID joke was a stretch.  It was a a bit of a surprise when we stopped at the grocery store for lunch…also, our location was directly next to a Christian book store.

All the while I was standing there, a voice of an 85-year-old woman popped in my head saying “Well!  I never…!”


Hey, at least it’s protected

obscene wifi


  • A T1 Tech

    what i find worse is the 2 routers that are useing WEP either 1 of 2 things there hardware is old in wich case shame on there ISP for not making sure there customers have secure networks or 2 these people are so dumb they must have assumed WEP was best based on alphabetical order. either way EPIC FAIL.