Challenge Accepted

I wanted to setup a password on a computer’s BIOS, that the error message i got …

I guess the BIOS wanted the best of me !!


By: Mathieu Rousseaux

  • apanda9

    Nice “screenshot”.

    • Sabin Figaro

      *facepalm* It’s not a “screenshot”, it’s a PHOTO. You know, using a camera? You can see the glare from an external lightsource, ffs!

      • Sherio88

        If you “shoot” a “photo” of a “screen” does it not also make it a “screenshot?”

        • Roja

          You, sir, just won 3 Internets

        • Pshh.

          No that makes it a ” Shot of a screen”

      • Park

        *facepalm* You just got Poe’d. :P
        It was clearly sarcastic, and he even put it in quotes.

      • apanda9

        Not sure why your comment is showing as Guest, Sabin Figaro, but I am going to assume your social ignorance means you have no clue what being facetious is.

    • Andrew Fox

      Dude it’s taken from the BIOS, not like he can just paste that into paint…

  • RainTone

    @apanda9:disqus How is he supposed to take a screenshot of the BIOS?

    • Mchl

      There are ways. Some BIOSes have a screenshot feature (will store an image to USB flash drive). Other ways include capturing the image with another computer or dedicated hardware.

    • apanda9

      I was being facetious. Hence the quotes.

  • Flemming Jacobsen

    If you look, there is a lensflare in the top right of the image. So he most likely took it with a phone etc

  • Travis Hughes

    … Really guys? How do you think screenshots were taken in the past?

  • Obvious screenshot is obvious

    So, is a shot of a screen isn’t it!?

    • apanda9

      Lighten up, Francis.

  • Robin Wilde

    The solution for this would probably be to copy out a section of a book and memorise the page number etc. Still needlessly complicated.

    • DL

      except if you’re in the bios, chances are you’re not going to be able to access a copy of the book. I mean, unless it’s a fancy bios that would give you access to an hd or usb stick and let you open files. I don’t think they got that fancy though, but I’m not sure, I haven’t upgraded this PC in like 5 years.

      • Andrew Fox

        Books can exist without computers you know….

        • DL

          Good luck getting all 6639 characters correct when you’re manually entering them every time…

      • Robin Wilde

        I’m sat next to a shelf full of books and there’s not a USB stick among them!

        • DL

          Are you really suggesting you’d manually enter 6639 characters from a book each time? I assumed when you said “copy a section” you meant copy as in Ctrl-C.

  • JesNoFear

    I love how everyone is complaining about the imaging media, but no one has commented on 6639 characters that need to be generated to make this password.