Probably the most offensive IT related commercial ever [video]

Wow…it also can hold its own against other non-IT related commercials. It transcends genre here, folks.

Anyway – the company is Digital Loggers. I’ve never heard of these guys, and probably most of you haven’t either…

…but you have now!

via: [Youtube and Digital Loggers]

  • Peter

    What dafuq did I just see?

  • Kathryn O’Connor

    wow. that was so offensive. I loved every moment of it

  • David Birkhead

    Would be more believable if they actually referenced something correctly. Lol.

  • Grimmbear

    Holy crap! I’m gay and couldn’t stop looking at her tits.

  • Jim

    And this is offensive to who, exactly?

    • bob


      • Matt

        Finally, a company truly embracing equality.

    • Rubbishman

      People with brains.

    • Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

      Anybody with a modicum of respect for themselves or fellow humans.

  • Andrew Ulrich

    Offensive in the same way MIley Cyrus at the VMA’s was…

    Sure, it wasn’t exactly PC, but you should really hate how poorly done it was more than anything else about it.

  • Iesha Dover

    Since it was so offensive to everyone and obviously ment to be that un-pc. I find I am totally not offended and it was funny.

    • Technologizta

      Are you my mummy?

      Sorry, I couldn’t resist!


    Well, I suppose if you are desperate for attention don’t have a lot of money to spend, you end up with this.

  • skylordric

    Watching terrorists use Israeli-made Uzis is hysterical in any language.

  • Sherri

    Hay, It got a laugh out of me.

  • Matdredalia

    What. The. Fuck. Disgusting.