These Are Fairly Accurate [pic]


via: [imgur]

  • Dave G

    Think the first one pretty much nailed it.

    • Melaena

      All of them nailed it for me.


      • grav3yarddoll

        Especially the one about pausing an online game. >.>

  • The Sorcerer

    It should be ‘Internet Explorer loads slow on friend’s computer. Installs and insists him to use Chrome/Firefox instead’.

    • Aaron Foster

      You forgot “Fixes something for them a week later and finds they still use Internet Explorer, because that other program ‘didn’t work right’ to them”.

      • kaos

        depends what it was you “fix” and if they want to use another internet browser, IE does work fine, it’s obviously just ‘not right for you’ much like your choice isn’t for them, it’s a personal choice not a “fix”, browsers don’t solve any internal problems. Slow running programs isn’t always the fault of the program itself, Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Whatever can and do all have problems too. IE just gets bad rep because it’s the default choice.

        • Dominik

          unless u use the IE app for windows 8 which doesn’t support adblocker. Start a random search on google, click on some results and watch your pc suffer from malware :)

  • Eoin Maloney

    Recommend using Chrome.
    Get called in to scrape silver paint off the computer.

  • Minty Freshbeats

    “Fix problems”
    “Labelled as cause”

  • eltor0pt

    My life…

  • james s

    i think all of them nailed it but i have to say the flaming fox being blamed is the funniest