Why Some People Should Not Change The Toner [pic]


via: [imgur]

  • EmptyJay

    We have that exact model Canon copier (down the the paper deck and finisher) sitting right outside my office. I can see how this would happen. The toner bottle doesn’t stay in the machine like our Ricohs. You have to open a door, attach the bottle, and shake all the toner into the hopper. If you forget to close the bottle… toner everywhere as seen above. This is probably why my department-mate and I are the only ones allowed to do it.

    • alcari

      Whoever came up with that idea deserves a special hell all on his own.

  • http://www.bringthepopcorn.net/ BtP

    That’s so NEVER going away :/

  • Beth

    Happened at my workplace a bit ago. It’s all been cleaned up now, except for one splotch on a ceiling tile. Yep, a ceiling tile. Always like looking up in remembrance. :)