IT Achievements unlocked! [IT Fun!]

With extra special thanks to EvilRouters for permission to re-publish these.

If you’ve ever played any games via the Steam network, you know what these are.  As we go throughout the struggles of banal, the frustrating, the mind-numbing and inane every day…sometimes we feel like the only satisfaction we can get is the chance of going home at some point.

To help you, how about granting yourself some achievements as you work?

Some of these captions are a bit more NSFW than others – but since many of our users can’t read (made apparent by their diligent efforts in clicking ‘yes’ to install malware), you should be all good.

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  • Jordan Perks

    I am pretty sure I get at least 5 of these daily.

  • Vance Burkett

    Here I can add one. I was plugging in some cat5 and I was bent over and I came up really fast to hit my head on a hook in the wall, I started bleeding really bad, I went to go to the restroom to clean myself and check the damage. I am bleeding all down my face and you can very much see that there is blood on my face. I am stopped by 3 teachers individually and only 1 out of the three mentioned my blood the other 2 kept asking me questions.

    • Anonymous

      Wow.  Obviously they see a lot of blood at the school, eh?

    • Jacob Pooler

      Achievement: “It’s just a flesh wound”

      Receive a major injury. Then have the majority of users fail to notice it (or call the paramedics if applicable) and ask you “for a favor”

  • Tony Scardina

    This is just not fair…

  • Tony Scardina

    Ok, time for a new game, I received all of the achievements on this one…

  • Flemming Jacobsen

    Any chance to gather them all in one zip file to download >_>?

    • Aquila

      You could just… oh I don’t know… save the page and then find all the achievements sitting in a neat folder on your pc. And if you want the big ones, go to the original website, click on achievements and save that one.

  • Mariana Schneider

    I can relate to at least half of those, and I’m not even in IT…

  • Big_James

    I have en extra one to add:
    Destroyer of Worlds – take out an important database with a single character.

    In my case a misplaced return in a custom written app took out one of our site quite important and integral databases…. out database guys were not happy

  • Shane Gould


  • Zelrik

    How about that one: “Get asked by a family member to fix a computer: Format their hard-drive, literally destroying all personal files and install a different OS, let them figure out the rest themselves.”

  • EvilRoutersReader

    Damn Jeremy, you rule the internetz!

  • John Connell

    One place I worked at had our Queue named Internet because we managed the DMZ Firewalls – the Help Desk took a ticket for a user that was having issues getting in to yahoo mail, and requested that they change her password for her. The Help Desk actually dropped the ticket in our Queue. We called the user back, got her credentials, told her we would contact yahoo, and sat on the ticket for a couple of days.

  • Wookiee Alistair Elliot-Wilson

    I’d like to add have a user talk about Windows when they actually are meaning Office, or vice versa

    • EmptyJay

      “Microsoft is down” when they can’t access the internet.

      Our usual response: “Oh, really? I hadn’t checked the stock market lately.”

  • EmptyJay

    I’ve earned “Damnit Jim” about 50 times over. I’m damn near the facilities manager here. It really makes me regret letting on to my mechanical aptitude about 6 years ago.