Fun Diversion: The Restart Page [fun]

Wow, this brings back memories.  I should have linked this for Wayback Wednesday, but it is just too cool to share.

Watch the boot sequences for some major OS’s throughout the past 20+ years.  I spy OS/2 Warp, early MacIntosh releases, Windows 3.1.  There’s even a NeXT bootup in there.

Enjoy ;)

via: [The Restart Page]

  • Cyber Killer

    They could have included some old GNU/Linux desktop environments too.

  • DarylGriffiths

    Haha – rather fabulously, page won’t load in iOS.

  • Tommi Henriksen

    ways to confuse a user: when they come into your office “Shut down Windows 95″ and say “Well, if it aint broke…”