Complete your training, you must!


A while ago, our admin assistant sent out an email asking the staff to send her a list of training requests so she could catalog them. ¬†I decided to see if she actually paid any attention to what people asked for…   From: Castens, Katherine Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 10:07 AM To: ITIS Staff Subject: […]



While in Afghanistan, I was working on the helpdesk and had this irate user come in with his laptop and says his “power cord no longer worked” and demanded that we re-image his computer. Well, after attempting multiple times to tell him we didn’t need to re-image the computer to fix this problem he still […]

Fixed his phone, no charge!


We had a user walk into the IT department today demanding we test his charger – claiming that it wasn’t charging his phone. He then hands over his iPhone 3G with an older Nokia charger plugged into the headphone socket. Needless to say we didn’t test the charger and politely told the user while holding […]