All PCs are the same, right?

NOTE: This is a co-worker’s call.  Much of it is paraphrased, as the conversation is re-constructed. Caller: “I cannot log into Windows!  I know I’m typing in the correct username and password!  It keeps saying ‘The information you provided does not match an existing account. The domain may be unavailable, try again in a few […]

Because It’s A Numbers Game

I’m guiding a user through registering her profile on a password system, so she can reset her own password in the future without calling the helpdesk.  The first thing to fill out is a 4-digit PIN.  Caller: “So, what goes in here?” Me: “You need to enter a four-digit PIN, which is how we’ll verify […]

“We’re being hacked!”

Republished with permission from TheDailyWTF: Timmy threw open the door to the team room. Panting, he cried, “We’re being hacked!” Blair and the rest of the team slouched into action. They knew the web server was down, but that was hardly unusual. The “web server” was Blair’s desktop from five years ago, reformatted and turned […]