YEAH, hang up the phone.


User calls in reporting she is unable to receive any calls. It was working before and just recently stopped. Turns out she is has recently started working from out of her home and her calls are routed through some software to her landline. First thoughts lead to her Internet connection or her connection to the private domain.  I remote […]


I walk in to work and everyone is in a massive panic. ‘So and So’s interactive whiteboard wont work, we don’t know what to do, it’s been like this for days, the deputy (who is relatively good with computers and considers himself IT savvy, which he isn’t) has looked at it and ‘we just can’t […]

Obvious user is obvious

cracked screen

I was working in Optical store chain **redacted** head office … in Cumbernauld, Scotland. I forget the woman’s name but she was an area manager I believe, quite high up.  I have no shame in revealing all these details This woman was a bit up herself, and wanted a new laptop…nothing wrong with the one […]

8.5″ x Knife


I am a student working for the IT department of the college I attend. My main job is dealing with dorm students (fixing their internet problems in the dorms i.e. plugging the ethernet cord in the correct jack) but I also deal with the faculty and staff on campus. There is one women on the […]