Sleazy Canned Air

I used to work at an ISP, and we sold this canned air to walk-ins… Being a tech, I usually didn’t pay attention. One day I actually noticed the picture, and I swear, that computer looks like he’s having way too much fun. That computer does look like he is enjoying himself… -Scott Product Image […]

FlyBoy Fail

Top Secret

At the time I worked for one of the DOD branches as a Network Engineer, and as such you meet  different levels of intelligence. One day, I was tasked with cleaning out some of the old cabling at one of the hangers on the flight line. I had a a big pile of the cables […]

Color blind

network cables

I got a call from our facility librarian who informed me she needed a new hose. I informed her that I wasn’t sure exactly what she meant, and she reiterated that she needed a new hose. I asked, “Jody – you are aware that you called the IT department? Are you needing the maintenance department?” […]

Wifi Cable


This particular job gave us a giggle this morning; user reported this in our helpdesk system. “Hi, Please could i have a cable to connect my laptop to the wifi?” Got to love those one liners I think IT should have the power to reclaim hardware from users not smart enough use it. -Scott