Never Overestimate the User


I just wrapped up helping a seemingly tech savvy user put the finishing touches on his new PC installation. All seemed to go as planned; his printer installed right, his data restored from his backup, and the programs he used for business worked fine. So just when I thought I had done a good deed […]

Monitor != Computer

Breaking your monitor in...the wrong way.

First and foremost I found this site and love it!  This is probably the funniest thing I have ever seen. I landed my first IT job for a hospital in the metro St. Louis area. I was there about 2 years and while I was there I noticed both Doctors and Nurses seemed to have […]

This mouse ran out of gas…

This is a wireless mouse.

I just had a user come to me with their WIRELESS mouse in their hand and say the following: “My mouse isn’t working.” Me: Have you tried new batteries? When was the last time you put batteries in it? (baffled look on face of pure surprise) “Batteries?!?! I didn’t know a wireless mouse used batteries?” […]