Thanks for the warning

I had one customer want me to come over on Christmas Eve. Fortunately I was going out of town so they had to settle for 8AM the day after Christmas. “People, what a bunch of bastards” Oh Lord, how I hate this one. Especially today. Mother’s Day Sunday, phone rings and it’s a client I […]

Self repair


Had this conversation a couple weeks ago…   User: Hey Mike, my computer hasn’t worked for 3 days!! Can you please come help me? Me: really? 3 days and you’re just now calling me? User: I had other stuff to do. Me: Ok, are you sure it’s not just unplugged again? User: No – I […]

Sometimes you just gotta troll with it.

your mom on a computer

I get a call – the usual: “The computer is slow.”  After finding nothing wrong with the machine, the user states “this needs to be fixed now, the Internet is too slow.” After 5 mins of listening to this…I finally stated: “Ms. the Internet is slow because you are too far from the power line. […]

Skill level: executive


I work as a Sys Admin at an Ivy League college for my department only.  Our department manager thinks we do nothing but carry around keyboards and usb keys; she has stated as much to my supervisor.  She is a mean, cold, evil woman who can’t remember her own name half the time.  The other […]

Denial isn’t just…well you know

No, users NEVER get their password wrong. Never. Customer calls in. Outlook is working but he can’t into some other mail program. He “knows” he has the right password. Me: “Ok, so you just tried the password that you think it is and that didn’t work?” Cust: “That’s right.” Me: “Why don’t we just reset […]