Denial isn’t just…well you know

No, users NEVER get their password wrong. Never. Customer calls in. Outlook is working but he can’t into some other mail program. He “knows” he has the right password. Me: “Ok, so you just tried the password that you think it is and that didn’t work?” Cust: “That’s right.” Me: “Why don’t we just reset […]

Technical Terms


Email From Coworker: Do you have a 3 way adapter? My Brain: What the hell is she talking about? I’ll try to ask for more information without making her sound like a total dingbat. My Reply: The term “3 way adapter” applies to a lot of things. Can you please be more specific? Email From […]

Trial by threat of fire


From the Daily WTF: For a Ramen-fueled college student, a job offer that actually involves doing the work you’re in school to learn and has a paycheck that can’t be beat vs. flipping burgers is a wonderful score. For Ted, that score came from a company run by alumni from his school that gave out […]