This mouse ran out of gas…

This is a wireless mouse.

I just had a user come to me with their WIRELESS mouse in their hand and say the following: “My mouse isn’t working.” Me: Have you tried new batteries? When was the last time you put batteries in it? (baffled look on face of pure surprise) “Batteries?!?! I didn’t know a wireless mouse used batteries?” […]

You cannot [Esc]

This doesn't work as advertised...but maybe I have high expectations?

I support about a dozen and a half retail stores. Our busiest location called on day to inform me that the main computer in their office won’t boot, and is making a high pitched screeching sound. The assistant manager imitated a sound that sounded plausibly like a physical hard drive crash. So off I drove […]

Power switch issues

The almighty power strip.

Years ago when I still worked support, I was working for a large insurance company that was helping its agents computerize their field offices.  We would receive the computers in house, color code everything for the agents and then have the machines shipped to the agent.  They would hook everything up and power everything through […]