Thanks for the warning

I had one customer want me to come over on Christmas Eve. Fortunately I was going out of town so they had to settle for 8AM the day after Christmas. “People, what a bunch of bastards” Oh Lord, how I hate this one. Especially today. Mother’s Day Sunday, phone rings and it’s a client I […]

Self repair


Had this conversation a couple weeks ago…   User: Hey Mike, my computer hasn’t worked for 3 days!! Can you please come help me? Me: really? 3 days and you’re just now calling me? User: I had other stuff to do. Me: Ok, are you sure it’s not just unplugged again? User: No – I […]

Sometimes you just gotta troll with it.

your mom on a computer

I get a call – the usual: “The computer is slow.”  After finding nothing wrong with the machine, the user states “this needs to be fixed now, the Internet is too slow.” After 5 mins of listening to this…I finally stated: “Ms. the Internet is slow because you are too far from the power line. […]