“Inverted commas”


From the Networker Module for MS Apps, I found a rather unique description of double quotes: For a Microsoft Exchange 2010 DAG server client node, and you want to include the state of the database, type: nsrsnap_vss_save -v -? Example output: C:\Users\administrator.NMMEXCH2010>nsrsnap_vss_save -v -? “APPLICATIONS:\Microsoft Exchange 2010″ “APPLICATIONS:\Microsoft Exchange 2010\Mailbox Database 0410662886 — Passive” “APPLICATIONS:\Microsoft […]

explannation mark


We’re fans of Chronicles of George! We begin with a lovely example of how George’s tickets usually are. Note the strange spacing, the awful grammar, and general weirdness. However, I can’t fault him terribly over-much, since there are some days I wish we really did have an anti-Norton virus. via: [chroniclesofgeorge.com]