Drivers. You need them.

It was a normal Tuesday morning, around 11 o’clock. I was sitting in my college’s student union, on my laptop and enjoying a turkey sandwich. About 10 or so minutes into my lunch, a group of very “freshmen” looking students show up. They all sit down and all immediately take out their Macbooks, except for […]

You charge for that?


From our friends at Client: We like the design, but what’s the blank box on the top? Me: That’s the space for the logo. Client: Then why is it empty now? Me: Because you haven’t gave me the logo yet? Client: Oh! You know, you can feel free to design one for us. ME: Oh. Well I […]


Anyone else here hates CSI? An acquiescence of mine had their car broken into. It happened in the dead of the night, and the entire thing was captured on their house security camera. Naturally they handed the recording off to the police, but the owner of the car apparently did not believe the video was […]

Here’s a good one


Working at a medical practice with surgeons you run into some bratty doctors from time to time. Last week in a huff one calls our boss complaining about some hardware we’ve given them not working. They cannot connect from home and really need access to do their work, blah, blah, blah. I rush all morning […]